Welcome to the private
Minburn Communications Shareholder Portal!

Whether you are a stockholder whose shares have been passed through generations or a new investor, we thank you for your vested interest in our company. This new Shareholder Portal was created to give member owners access to a secure, readily accessible communication platform to receive and exchange private company information. Originally created in 1903 as Minburn Mutual Telephone Company, stock ownership represents shares in Minburn Telephone Company and has grown to include the subsidiaries of Minburn Telecommunications, Inc.; Minburn Cablevision, Inc. and Dallas County Wireless, Inc. all doing business as Minburn Communications.

Within this Portal shareholders will find many helpful tools including information regarding company activities, stock value benchmarks, historic dividend returns and stock transfer rules and regulations. Additionally, this site provides a secure resource to post shares for sale and connect with potential buyers. If you are a current Shareholder, please agree to the Terms and Conditions to log in and access the site. If you are a potential buyer, please click here to request information regarding opportunities to invest in Minburn Communications.